Breast Cancer Treatment

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Our personalized treatment plans and access to advanced radiation therapy services help you quickly return to your regular routine while also providing effective treatment with fewer side effects

Begin Your Path to Recovery

Navigating breast cancer with care and compassion

Being informed that you have breast cancer can be frightening and upsetting. Your cancer's stage, your treatment options, and any potential side effects of those treatments may all seem overwhelming to you.

We are aware of how crucial it is to guide you through this process, so our team of breast cancer specialists not only offers top-notch medical care, but is here to treat you with kindness, respect, and understanding.

Our treatment centers give our patients a cozy and encouraging setting both before and after their breast cancer treatments. We're committed to supporting you along the road to recovery and giving you the self-assurance and hope you need to get through this trying period.

Benefits of Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

Radiation therapy is a proven treatment option with a low risk of complications


Understanding Breast Cancer

The signs, symptoms, and risk factors of a common but serious disease

Breast cancer is a type of malignant tumor that develops from cells in the breast tissue. It is a common form of cancer among women and it can occur in both men and women, though it is less common in men. It can develop in different parts of the breast, the most common being the ducts, which are the passages that drain the milk to the nipple, or in the lobules which are the milk producing glands. In rare cases, breast cancer may also develop in the stromal tissue, which includes the fatty and fibrous connective tissue of the breast.

As the cancer progresses, it can invade nearby healthy tissue and spread to the underarm lymph nodes, which are small organs that filter out foreign substances in the body. If cancer cells reach the lymph nodes, they can then spread to other parts of the body.

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the United States, accounting for about 30% or 1 in 3 of all new female cancer diagnoses each year.

Breast Preservation with Advanced Radiation Therapy

Preserve your healthy breast tissue while effectively treating cancerous cells

Preservation of the Breast
Radiation therapy allows for breast-conserving therapy, which preserves the natural breast while effectively treating the cancerous cells. This can help to maintain the patient’s physical and emotional well-being
Shortened Treatment Time
Radiation therapy can now be completed in shorter time frames, allowing patients to return to their normal lives more quickly. This also reduces the overall cost of treatment and helps to minimize disruptions in the patient's life
Minimized Side Effects
Compared with other forms of cancer treatment, radiation therapy often causes fewer and less severe side effects. Radiation is given in the outpatient setting, making it more convenient for many people with no hospital stay

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