The Identify System

Identify System

By Andrew Minetree, physicist at Alliance Cancer Care

At Alliance Cancer Care, we take multiple steps to assure that your treatment is delivered to the highest standard in the industry.  Our focus includes verifying your identity prior to treatment, ensuring you get personalized and customized treatment, and monitoring movement during each therapy session.  We are proud to announce that we have added Varian’s Identify® System to our arsenal of state-of-the-art cancer treatment devices at our Singing River Cancer Center location.

The Identify System improves patient safety in multiple ways to ensure your treatment is delivered precisely and accurately.  The system also improves efficiency, which helps to minimize treatment time.

First, the Identify System uses a palm reader to confirm your identity, as the palm is unique to each person, similar to a fingerprint.  When you arrive for your sessions, this device will read your palm to confirm your identity.

Next, radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology is used for the treatment room setup. RFIDs are attached to each patient’s treatment plan and confirm that your custom therapy mold is selected and placed on the treatment table. Then, you are positioned on the table for treatment. Using Identify’s infrared cameras, your body surface is monitored to make sure you are in the correct position to start treatment. The System has sub-millimeter accuracy, guiding our staff to move you into the exact position required for optimal therapy.  Then, the technology helps monitor body motion that may occur during treatment. The System will alert the therapist if you have moved, allowing the therapist to make adjustments if needed.

Lastly, this technology helps ensure the intended radiation dose is delivered precisely to the tumor and helps to minimize radiation exposure to the surrounding organs and tissues.

At Alliance Cancer Care, our team of board-certified radiation oncologists is committed to providing you with the best technology in cancer care, close to home.  Our investment in the Identify system is one step in our commitment to offering you state-of-the-art cancer radiation treatment, with a collaborative team approach.  We intend to expand this offering to our other cancer care locations in the near future.  To learn more about our services, or request a consultation, please contact us today.

Photo caption:  The Identify System actively monitors your positioning during treatment and will alert the therapist if you have moved.