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The Impact of Missing Radiation Treatment

January 17, 2024

In the realm of cancer treatment, consistency is key. Unfortunately, inclement weather can disrupt the delicate balance that patients strive to maintain during their radiation therapy.  Missing a session is both disappointing and inconvenient. It delays the finish date you have been looking forward to! Your team at Alliance Cancer Care is working to keep you on schedule and help you ring the bell for your final treatment!

It is important to know that radiation therapy relies on a carefully planned schedule to target cancer cells effectively. Ideally, radiation is paced to kill sensitive cancer cells and spare normal cells from radiation damage. We frequently deliver radiation 5 times a week, or in daily treatments. In most cases, a few missed days of treatments are not significantly impacting the efficacy of therapy. Missing consecutive weeks of radiation therapy is strongly discouraged, as this may provide an opportunity for cancer cells to regroup and become more resistant. Weather-related disruptions can lead to treatment delays that are unlikely to impact your treatment efficacy. However, if necessary, your doctor may discuss adjusting your radiation treatments to account for the unpredicted interruptions caused by weather.

Your team at Alliance Cancer Care is here to help you navigate the anxiety and stress that comes with radiation treatment, especially with unanticipated weather related events and changes. We will see you as soon as safely possible!