What Do I Need to Treat My Side Effects During Radiation?

By Ashlyn Seeley Everett, M.D., radiation oncologist at Alliance Cancer Care

Radiation therapy is a type of local treatment. This means that it is focused on a particular part of the body, and does not travel throughout the body. Because of this, radiation treatment causes side effects only in the area where the treatment is directed.

Your radiation oncologist will discuss your specific treatment recommendations and the anticipated effects of the treatment with you in great detail. Radiation therapy side effects are generally very mild and typically improve after completing treatment. Your physician will also schedule visits to see you each week during radiation treatment to watch for any problems or side effects. During these visits, your nurse and physician will provide you with recommendations on how to care for any side effects or issues. Many commonly used products during radiation treatment are over the counter and can be purchased at your local store or online (Amazon).

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the convenience and safety of online shopping inspired our physicians to create a way to easily find over-the-counter products you might need during radiation therapy. The team at Alliance Cancer Care created an Amazon Store, which is a special Amazon website with a list of products our physicians commonly recommend for patients. These products are sorted by the area of treatment (for example Breast, Chest, Prostate/Pelvis, etc.) and also by symptom (skin, heartburn, diarrhea, nausea, etc.). You can find the recommended product(s) from your nurse or physician and add it to your cart, just like any other online purchase.

You may notice that our Amazon page earns a small commission with each purchase. These commissions are benefitting the Dr. Jeanne Shepherd Fund, which is a resource for our patients who may be facing financial difficulty during their cancer care. Your purchases at our Amazon store will benefit other cancer patients receiving radiation treatment by supporting the Dr. Jeanne Shepherd Fund.

Our team at Alliance Cancer Care hopes that our Amazon Store will make finding what you need for radiation treatment simple and convenient.

Please note, as an Amazon influencer, Alliance Cancer Care earns from qualifying purchases. All proceeds earned will be donated to the Dr. Jeanne Shepherd Fund. While we support each of the products recommended, we are not the manufacturers of these products. If you have a question or issue with one of these products, please contact the manufacturer directly.