Site Spotlight: Blackwell Medical Tower

June 21, 2022

Where is the clinic located? 

– 201 Sivley Rd SW, Huntsville, AL 35801

– Ground floor, Suite 10

– Enter at the lobby level from the parking garage, and then take the elevator or stairs to the first floor.

What is the office phone number?

– (256) 319-5400

Where do I park?

– There is a parking garage attached to our clinic building.  Enter the garage from Sivley Road, between Gallatin Street and Montgomery Street.

– You will receive a token in our office to exit the parking garage free of charge.

Which physicians and nurses typically work at this clinic?

Dr. Ashlyn Seeley Everett and nurses, Maija and Brittany

Dr. John Francis Gleason, Jr. and nurses, Sarah, Paige, and Brooke

Dr. Harry James McCarty III and nurses, Stephanie, Vanessa, and Tamara

Which staff work at this clinic?

– Front desk receptionist, Bailey, and radiation therapists Mike, Carra, Michael, Ashley, and Yolanda

What technology is at this clinic? 

– The Versa HD by Elekta is a sophisticated linear accelerator used to deliver radiation treatment.  The Versa HD is a versatile machine that can treat any type of cancer.  It provides state-of-the-art radiation treatment individualized to your particular cancer.  Treatments last only a few minutes, and are delivered with submillimeter accuracy to kill cancer and minimize the amount of damage to surrounding tissues and organs.

– The Versa HD machine delivers three-dimensional conformal treatment, intensity-modulated radiation treatment (IMRT), volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT), and stereotactic radiation therapy or radiosurgery (SBRT or SRS).  These are all sophisticated techniques found at any major cancer treatment center, but delivered with the convenience of being close to home.

– We use image-guided radiation (IGRT) to verify proper positioning before delivering radiation treatment each day.

– ExacTrac radiosurgery system by Brainlab captures images to ensure optimal alignment before and during your radiation treatment, to allow precise tumor targeting and to avoid other non-target areas of the body.

– Our radiosurgery procedures are often done in conjunction with our neurosurgeons, to provide additional expertise in the localization and precision of your radiation treatment.

Are there other services provided at our clinic location?

Yes.  Blackwell Medical Tower is a large medical practice building, hosting multiple other doctors’ offices.  There is a chemotherapy infusion suite used by medical oncology and gynecologic oncology.  There is also a laboratory on the first floor for patients.

– The Blackwell Medical Tower is a hospital-based clinic, so our doctors provide emergency radiation services for inpatients at Huntsville Hospital needing radiation treatment.