Site Spotlight: Crestwood Medical Pavilion

September 9, 2022

What do patients say about treatment at Crestwood?

– “The absolute best care during treatments.  The nicest doctors, nurses, and therapists you could possibly hope to meet.”

– “Kind, understanding, empathetic, smart, knowledgeable.  Highly recommend.”

– “All the radiation staff were incredibly kind, uplifting, and flexible when needing to alter an appointment.”

– “Great people and service.”

– “The entire staff has been very caring and kind.  Thank you all so much.”

Where is the clinic located?

– One Hospital Drive, Huntsville, AL 35801

– First floor, Suite 100

– Enter at lobby level, and then look to the right to see the entrance to our lobby

What is the office phone number?

– (256) 319-5400

Where do I park?

– There is valet parking provided to our patients at no expense to you.

– Otherwise, if you choose to self-park, you may find parking in spaces around the hospital.  Do not park in reserved/ designated parking spaces.

Which doctors typically work at this clinic?

Ashlyn Seeley Everett, M.D.

Hoyt A. “Tres” Childs, III, M.D.

Elizabeth Falkenberg, M.D.

Which staff work at this clinic?

– Front Desk:  Cierra, Lisa, Leanna, Shella, and Rilee

– Administration:  Ashley, Rebecca, Erika, Rick, and Brandi

– Information Technology:  John, Brian, and Jeff

– Therapists:  Brett, Tabitha, and Mike

What technology is at this clinic?

– Halcyon:  The Halcyon is a modern linear accelerator that delivers very rapid treatment to the most common types of cancer.  Treatments last around one minute, once placed in the correct position, and deliver treatment with submillimeter accuracy to kill cancer and minimize damage to surrounding tissues and organs.  The Halcyon machine delivers three-dimensional conformal treatment, intensity modulated radiation treatment (IMRT), and volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT).

Are there other services provided at our clinic location?

– Yes.  Crestwood Medical Pavilion has other doctors’ offices on floors above our clinic. Clearview Cancer Institute has a clinic and laboratory located on the fourth floor of this same building.

– Our office also connects directly to Crestwood Hospital.