Site Spotlight: Clearview Cancer Institute

September 12, 2022

What do patients say about treatment at Alliance Cancer Center at CCI?

– “This is truly the best medical care experience I have ever had, completely exceeding expectations.”

– “All of the staff have been very supportive and compassionate.”

– “The staff is incredible.  They are always friendly and keep you in an upbeat mood.”

– “Caring attitude of everyone from the housekeepers to the doctors.  A high level of knowledge is exhibited by all personnel that I encountered.”

– “Everyone is extremely friendly and tries to make you as comfortable as possible.”

– “Everyone is positive and helpful.  Professional staff.  Personable staff.”

Where is the clinic located? 

– 3601 CCI Drive, Huntsville, AL 35805

– Suite 10

– Enter at the main lobby doors, and then take the hallway to the right to Suite 10.

What is the office phone number?

– (256) 319-5400

Where do I park?

– There is a large surface parking lot around our clinic building.

– Parking is free.

– There are plenty of handicapped spaces at the clinic.

Which doctors typically work at this clinic?

Ashlyn Seeley Everett, M.D.

John Francis Gleason, Jr., M.D.

Harry James McCarty III, M.D.

Elizabeth Falkenberg, M.D.

Hoyt A. “Tres” Childs, III, M.D.

What staff work at this clinic?

– Front desk:  Tara and Keshia

– Insurance coordinators:  Sherry, Erin W., and Sandra

– Physics:  Mike, Timo, Bart, Vince, and Jamone

– Therapy:

– Chief Therapist:  Erin S.

– Lead Therapist:  Jenny

– Therapy Team:  Zach, Anna, Erin M., Nathan, Sarah, Carra, Jessica, Haley, Joye-Michael, and Kristin

What technology is at this clinic?

– At CCI, we have a state-of-the-art CT simulator and three treatment machines.

– CT simulator:  We have a Siemens large bore CT simulator.  Once in your treatment position, it takes high-quality images that allow your doctor and team to plan your treatment with accuracy and precision.

– TrueBeam:  The TrueBeam is a versatile machine that can treat nearly any type of cancer.  It provides modern radiation treatment individualized to your particular cancer. Treatments last only a few minutes and are delivered with submillimeter accuracy to kill cancer and minimize the amount of damage to surrounding tissues and organs.  The TrueBeam machine delivers three-dimensional conformal treatment, intensity modulated radiation treatment (IMRT), volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT), and stereotactic radiation therapy (SBRT).  These are all sophisticated techniques found at any major cancer treatment center, delivered with the convenience of being close to home.

– Halcyon:  The Halcyon is a modern linear accelerator that delivers very rapid treatment to the most common types of cancer.  Treatments last around one minute, once placed in the correct position, and deliver treatment with submillimeter accuracy to kill cancer and minimize damage to surrounding tissues and organs.  The Halcyon machine delivers three-dimensional conformal treatment, intensity modulated radiation treatment (IMRT), and volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT).

– Bravos:  The Bravos is a high-dose-rate (HDR) afterloader system used for brachytherapy, typically for gynecological cancers.  It houses a radioactive wire that can deliver internal radiation, or brachytherapy, for specific cancer types.

– With each of our machines, we can utilize image-guided radiation (IGRT) to verify proper positioning before delivering radiation treatment.  Read more in Dr. Pearlman’s blog here.

Are there other services provided at our clinic location?

– Yes!  Our CCI location is also home to Clearview Cancer Institute, a large group of medical oncologists.  They provide consultations and infusion services.

– CCI also has an on-site pharmacy, laboratory, and radiology suite, which performs Ultrasound, CT, MRI, and PET-CT.